IBO – Gundam Kimaris Centaur 1:100



Started this one back in 2016, my objective was for Otakuthon 2016 but as a family man, I wasn’t able to finished it however, the general look and direction are what you see here.

This kit was to a somewhat of a “special project” in the way of using only original parts from various Gunpla kits and with minimal scratch build parts, less than 5%. Up till now, the only few parts I had to “modified” were where I have to add PC or parts to hold them together.

Kits: I use so for for this project: Gundam Kimaris 1:100, Graze 1:100, Schwalbe’s Graze 1:100, HG Heavy Arms 1:100, HG Sandrock 1:100 and Tallgees III 1:100 and 1:144.

What’s missing: Armaments, lots of armaments hihihihi.

As soon as I have more time I will work more on it (between projects since I have a few on hold). Well, I hope you enjoy my work and comments are always welcome. =)



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