Gundam 0079 – MG Gundam RX-78 OYW Sniper.



Pour la version Francais, veuillez “copy” et “paste” sur Google =)

Originally a MG 1/100 from the OYW version, I started back in 2008-ish but never got to finished it. It was build up and ready for a paint job but had to put it in storage so I can take care of my new marriage life and young kids.

Forward to April 2017. The paint job was quickly done and weathering as well (over the weekend ) with an average of 9 hrs in total… maybe less, who really keeping track when you’re having so much fun. =)

I choose to keep the original color scheme for the Gundam RX-78 so it won’t look too much like the GM I Sniper.

Mostly airbrushed with Mr.color and Tamiya, weathering with Tamiya accent color and Tamiya weathering pastel to finished it up. As you could noticed, I did not make simulated paint scratches because, I wanted to try something new =)

If anyone interested in this kit, email me.

I hope you enjoy what you see here =)


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