Order, Shipping or Consolidate your orders to get free shipping.


1– Complete your order online.

2– To save on shipping costs, consolidate your orders. At checkout, choose “Consolidate orders“. So why consolidate your orders? To safe on the shipping of course! Free shipping on orders of $300 and over (before tax).

2.1 This will hold your order(s) for 30 days from the oldest (the first order) and ship to you when you’re ready or by the end of the 30 day-hold period.

2.2 You can contact us to ship your order(s) at any time before the end of the 30-day hold.

2.3 All order(s) under $300 (before tax) will be billed for shipping at the end of the 30 days or when requested to ship out by you within the 30 days period.

3– Once Canada Post process the package, your status will change from “On hold” to “Complete”. This means, your order has been shipped. We will email you the tracking number to check the whereabouts of your package.

How to order online for a local pickup.

*** The in-store pick-up is now suspended until further notice. ***

As most of you already heard, Takrik Airsoft at 2125 Crescent, where was our “local pick-up” location is moving to NDG. If you have orders to pick up at the store on the Crescent street location, please pick them up before the 15th of Jan 2021. And since we have not yet reached an agreement for the new “local pick-up” location, we have decided to only do delivery until further notice.

1- Complete your order online.

2- Wait for the order to change from “Processing” to “Complete”. This means your order is now ready for in-store pickup. Usually, the day after you complete your order (if placed and paid before 12:00 pm).

If your order changed to “On hold”, we will be contacting you shortly by email.

Our PRE-ORDER policies:

From time to time we offer a SPECIAL DEAL for pre-orders.

A pre-order, where once you complete the transaction, you will be guaranteed the item(s).

Notice: You must complete the transaction within a given time frame in order to obtain the special pricing.

Cancelling and returning policies for Online and In-store purchases:

A) All un-paid online orders after 24hrs will automatically be cancelled.

B) You must advise us by email within 24hrs of placing the online order if you wish to cancel the order.

C) There is no cancelling fee for replacement items.

Cancelling or returning an order after making payment will result in:

  1. Subject to a cancelling/returning fee of $5.
  2. Your online order refund could take up to 2 weeks depending on your method of payment originally but, mostly within 48hrs.

Returning any orders is possible within 30 days of the order date. The item(s) must be in the same condition as it was shipped (or handed to you in-store), at your own expense. A cancelling fee will apply and your refund will be issued shortly after.